Dorene Vail

Over 30 years ago while living in Hawaii I made the fateful decision to take a Wilton cake decorating class. Like many other cake decorators before and after, that introductory class started me on a rewarding and challenging journey that continues to this day.

While in Hawaii I made a few cakes for military events and neighbors but it was after moving to California and starting our family that I really began to feel the burn. Soon there were play groups where children and Moms got together and I became their go-to cake decorator. As my confidence and experience bloomed I ventured into the realm of wedding cakes. All the while I continued to take classes to learn more as to expand my view of the world of cake decorating.

Returning to our roots in Maine we settled in Norway and I set up a licensed kitchen in my home and have since developed a long list of repeat customers. Word of mouth is the best advertisement I can have and having many loyal customers has been good for me and my business. This personal connection is the reason I treat each cake with care, giving it my full and undivided attention that it may be as special and precious as the person it is being made for. It is extremely satisfying when I can look back having made a young person’s birthday cakes, their wedding cake and now their children’s birthday cakes. Perhaps with God’s good grace I’ll be making their grandchildren’s cakes too!

I continue to take classes where ever and when ever I can. I have had the opportunity to take classes with Colette Peters, Nicholas Lodge, Robert Haynes, Swank Cakes, Mike McCarey just to name a few. I am always trying to expand on my cake decorating skills to keep up with the latest trends and cake flavors. The wedding industry in Maine is growing and it is exciting to be a part of it. Wedding barns and other non-traditional venues are popping up and they provide opportunities to make unique and personalized wedding cakes and display them in settings as varied and special as the couples themselves.

I am so glad I took that Wilton class those many years ago. What a long and incredible journey it has been and I am so glad that you, my wonderful customers have come along for the ride.

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