Below is a list of flavors that I have used in the past and am comfortable with. However, if you have a favorite recipe
or flavor not on my list let me know and perhaps we can work together to give it a try.
Cake Flavors
White White/Sour Cream Vanilla Yellow
Spice Chocolate Red Velvet Hazelnut
Strawberry Swirl Marble Strawberry Raspberry
Lemon Raspberry Swirl Orange Snickerdoodle
*Carrot Sherry/Nutmeg Pina Colada *Butter Pound
Limoncello Champagne Coconut Pumpkin
White/Sour Cream/Almond Chocolate/Sour Cream
Strawberry Daquiri Chocolate/Sour Cream/Kahlua
Lemon Poppy Seed Vanilla Bean
Filling Flavors
Butter Vanilla Icing Vanilla Icing Almond Icing Cinnamon Icing
Mocha Icing Coconut Icing Passion Fruit Mango
Orange Chocolate Fudge Mint Choco. Chip Raspberry-Fruit
Strawberry-Fruit Apricot-Fruit Lemon-Fruit Blueberry-Fruit
Icing & Fondant Flavors
Butter Vanilla Vanilla Almond Raspberry
Lemon Chocolate Cream Cheese Cinnamon
Coconut Orange
An * next to flavor denotes extra cost due to ingredients and complexity of recipe.